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Hello everyone!

My name is Melissa Romain Bonner and I am proud to be a USC Trojan in the class of 2016! I hail from the bustling city of Chicago, which helps me to fit right in in Los Angeles. Science has always been my main passion, which lead me to declare my major in Neuroscience. Call me crazy, but I think one day ┬áthe cure for cancer can be found. Until then, I’d like to be become a pediatric oncologist and help spread happiness and hope to people afflicted with cancer. In addition to science, I am a political geek. Government structure and policies in the United States and in other countries fascinate me, so I’ve declared a minor in International Policy and Management.

In the (few) hours I have outside the lab or classroom, I am a Dornsife Ambassador (Woohoo!). I am also involved on the club softball team, Best Buddies organization, African-Americans in Health club, and next semester I will be volunteering at a county health clinic. At USC, there are organizations to fit EVERYONE, which made finding and joining these organizations pretty easy for me.

Even though Chicago and Los Angeles are both large cities, each are full of different beauties. Since I arrived in Los Angeles, I have visited Santa Monica, LA Live, downtown LA, and of course all of the beaches; USC is just a bus ride away from all of these wonderful spots. In addition to exploring, I love watching sports. I mean, I LOVE sports. I faithfully attend USC sporting events and you can always catch me watching Sports Center. If you would ever like to discuss the AP poll rankings, science-y things, or anything else, please feel free to contact me.

Until next time,

Melissa (:


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