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Grace’s intro

Hola amigos :)

My name is Grace Huang and I am a sophomore currently majoring in Health & Humanity. For those of you who haven’t heard of the major before or really know what it is about,  it’s basically an interdisciplinary cross between the pre-health classes/hard core intense science classes and the more social sciences classes that focus on health. So essentially there are two sections of the major, each with specific modules (or focus areas), like ethics or psychology or global health. If you are interested or need more of an explanation, check out the requirements here! I am also pre-nursing (yes, i am not “pre-med,” but am working towards going to graduate school and getting a nursing practitioner’s degree).

While I am not busy studying for my major (and possibly Health Communications minor), I am actively involved in many study abroad opportunities. This past summer I took a three-week course through USC at University of Oxford, England called The Biology of Tropical Diseases, which was an AMAZING experience (especially since the Olympics was going on at the same time). And during my spring break, I went to Lima, Peru on a medical brigade through the organization called MEDLIFE. I loved helping at a mobile clinic in a developing country so much that I even joined the USC MEDLIFE’s e-board and am going back again this winter break.

So when I am not traveling around the world (my goal is to hit every continent at least once before I graduate), I am at USC just trying to adjust to my new apartment life with my lack of cooking skills, showing off my Trojan pride, working for the Parkside Customer Service Center, and doing a research project on colorectal cancer in the Hispanic population. I also am in love with every aspect of Spain, as I am half Spanish and half Taiwanese, and therefore actively pursue any cultural opportunities that I can find surrounding that. My favorite classes at USC so far have been an introduction to ballroom class and an intro to piano, both of which are 2 unit classes.

Fight on!



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