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Greetings World!

Adam here, back from months of absolute craziness! Besides a busy end to freshmen year, I was also an Orientation Advisor this past summer and got to help all kinds of incoming students transition to USC! But with freshmen year and the summer behind me, it’s time to begin a new chapter in the book that is college: sophomore year.

Harder classes. 2 jobs. A plethora of clubs and organizations. With sophomore year upon me, I’ve realized how different it really is from that first, magical year of self-discovery that is being a freshman. Now, I already have commitments, involvement, and a number of other things with which to fill my time! But for me, the biggest difference from last year to this is one thing – apartment life.

Never mind the fire alarms ringing at 2am from people burning food in their ovens or the fact that I now have to clean my own bathroom – I have a TV! And a balcony! AND A KITCHEN. Oh, kitchen, how you satisfy my hunger at all hours of the day. Yes, apartment life is definitely a great thing. Sure, I miss the social aspect of entire floor bonding in freshmen residence halls, but where else can you sing karaoke while eating random food items (my meals normally consist of snacks thrown together – peanut butter crackers, cereal, and fruit cups come to mind) wearing only a Mario t-shirt? That’s right, at your apartment.

If there’s one thing that the universities don’t tell you when you’re applying to school, it’s that there is a life for you after freshmen year. You’ll survive the nervousness, the excitement, the new friends, the first midterm, everything just fine. But you know what? THERE ARE THREE MORE YEARS TO GO! And that’s a good thing. It’s just like Mean Girls. You go through an entire year of change (maybe even from a homeschooled jungle freak, if you survive getting hit by that bus) to eventually coming out of it learning a little something.

And with that, I leave you. My couch and television with Grey’s Anatomy is waiting for me – it’s time to enjoy that sophomore life.

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