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I’m A (Cyber) Mom!

One of the classes I was most excited for this semester was Developmental Psychology. The professor (Frank Manis) has been around for a long time, and has contributed to the teaching of developmental psych in a huge way. In fact, he’s currently writing a textbook for the course, so half of our reading comes from that, and the material he hasn’t finished writing comes from a previously published textbook.

But that’s not the coolest part. To supplement our learning about child development, we actually get to raise our own child online! As somebody who loves kids and already worries about how people can possibly figure out to be good parents, I can’t wait for this opportunity. We’re going to use a program written by our professor that’s used by thousands of college students each semester! It’ll guide us through our child’s life from birth until adolescence at the end of the semester.

So last night I gave it a whirl. I told the program that I’m female and I want a male partner. Next, I answered questions about my physical appearance, personality, and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. (The idea is that my child will inherit some of my traits, but others will be random or come from my imaginary partner.) And finally, my baby was born! I named him Ryan Scott. Apparently, his delivery went pretty regularly, lasting about ten hours (which makes me super scared for the future). I already feel like a proud mom! I even almost posted a picture of him onto Facebook, before I realized that that would be kind of awkward.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to start raising Ryan yet because we haven’t actually started covering infant development. But I did take a peek ahead, and I know that my first challenge is dealing with him when he cries… wish me luck!

I’ll blog every so often about Ryan’s “life” and what I’m learning, but for now I’m really excited about this interactive program! There are definitely perks to having such a prominent professor!

Until next time!

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