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Some people leave a bigger impact on your life than others.  One group I will never forget is the Explore kids that I had over the past few weeks. The last ones taught me how to ride a bike! After 19 years of having no clue how to make a bicycle work, I can now say that I can bike around campus (with only a few likely crashes).

But really, these Explorers have been fabulous.  Not only did I have a great time talking with them and showing them the SC lifestyle, but my whole suite got involved. Each one of my suite mates has a different perspective on SC to share with the prospective students and a unique reason for joining the Trojan Family.  And even though we all had classes in the morning, we all stayed up until 2:30AM just to hang out together.

Although there were some awkward moments, I think everyone gained something from the experiences.  The Explorers all said SC had moved up on their list of colleges, and my suite mates and I all got about a dozen more friend requests on Facebook. AND one of my Explore students successfully climbed Traveler! (Win!)

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