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Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…….*drumroll please*
Here’s a “me in a nutshell” message I sent to my freshman year roommate the summer before school began (grab a pillow and get comfy, it’s a long one):

“I am Grey’s Anatomy obsessed. Seriously. I have this weird fetish with gray sweaters, I’m compulsively drawn to them or something. My planner is insanely organized and my pencil pouch resembles a mini Staples. SOCCER: ‘nough said. I have my own three year old Sunday School class, they call me Miss Ozzy. Even though I complain, my family means a lot to me. My bedroom walls are covered (completely!) with all sorts of memories. I keep trying to figure out what I’m gonna do with all that stuff when I leave for college. I am pretty fluent in Spanish and currently learning Russian. I am so ready to travel the world. I LOVE plantains and chicken alfredo/fettuccine. Not together though. My favorite color is blue. I also like light green, banana yellow, burnt orange, and gray. I don’t drink soda, usually I have raspberry iced tea. I like to sing and dance but I’m not particularly good at either of them. I need to talk less and listen more. I love Nigerian movies. And American movies, haha. I’m such an avid reader. I just can’t empathize with people who never read because it’s such a big part of my life. I’ve read so many books, sometimes I can’t distinguish what I’ve read from what I’ve seen on tv or what happened in real life. I carry an alligator lunch pail to school. I would love to plan a wedding someday. I listen to everything; music = oasis. I eat a lot. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I use commas WAAYY too much. This is super random but bugs me when people don’t use the oxford ones in a sentence haha. Can’t wait to move in and meet you at SC!”

Three years later (and wiser, one would hope!)….what has/hasn’t changed?

1. Grey’s Anatomy obsession has been replaced by Gilmore Girls.

2. Gray sweater fetish has been replaced with boots. I blame Europe.

3. Planner is still just as organized and I still love kids! I’m in an organization called the USC Helenes which helps me get my community service fix, and I couldn’t ask for a better sisterhood.

4.  I’m 25 minutes away from home and I miss my family like crazy on a daily basis – no more complaining for me!

5. I kept up with my Spanish and just came back from studying abroad in Madrid, Spain through the USC Dornsife program! I also go to Honduras with USC Global Medical Brigades during my winter breaks and practice my Spanish while translating for doctors. Who knew I would be such a world traveler ;] But seriously, these are two of the best decisions I’ve made during my time at USC.

6.  Olive green has made the favorite color list. And I will admit an acquired affinity for cardinal and gold….

7. College can be stressful: soda/caffeine has become a necessity (no surprise there).

8. I don’t read physical books as much because I hardly visit the public library :[ But I have invested in a kindle to remedy that! It's so easy to get caught up in homework and studying but it's important to keep up with the things you love.

9. I've gotten to see some amazing bands play at and close to USC! I have finally achieved the perfect Pandora station and I listen to it religiously.

10. I still share similar views with Vampire Weekend on the use of the oxford comma.

The Low Down/The Skinny/The 411:

Name: Ozzy (pronounced oh-zee)
Year: Junior
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Major/Minors: Biological Sciences/Spanish
Emphasis: Pre-Medicine
Random Fact: Given the choice of soup or salad, I always chose soup.

If you've read this far, you're amazing or procrastinating or both. Hasta luego :]

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