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blogphoto2So like I said, at this point I thought that everything was all set… I just needed the Behavioral Genetics professor to sign my form. But then, sitting in the waiting room of the psych department, I read a curious line on the form which told me that if I took an upper-level class without the prerequisite, then if I ended up needing that prerequisite for my major, I’d have to take the prerequisite course without getting any credits from it. I sighed, confused and frustrated, and approached the woman at the front desk; unfortunately, she was preoccupied with setting up for what appeared to be some sort of meeting. At this point, I had less than an hour until class, and had gotten nowhere in my attempts to change classes.

However, at that moment, a very fortuitous event occurred. Vivian Hsu-Tran (I’m using her name because she deserves recognition for her extreme helpfulness, patience, and kindness), one of the Psych advisors, walked out of her office. The woman at the front desk asked her if she was available to talk to me; she said yes, as soon as she got her coffee. I joined her in her office, where she pushed the paperwork (which she had specifically blocked out this time to complete and instead was meeting with me) aside, and I explained my dilemma. She then spent the next hour with me, explaining that taking Behavioral Neuroscience would be my best option in case I did need to take Statistics for my major.

We looked at my high school transfer credits, she detailed the classes that I could be placed out of, and she wrote notes for me to take to my neuroscience advising appointment. After my meeting with Vivian, I felt so relieved and clear-headed. I now knew exactly what I wanted to do, knew the classes I could take, and just understood the whole process better. I happily returned to my dorm room and now had two more hours to relax before class.

So that’s about it. The actual process of changing my major was so simple, no details are really needed. I met with my new advisor, Jessica Hulewsky (who also deserves credit for being so great and helpful), and in twenty minutes, I officially had a new major in neuroscience. It was that easy.

The End

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