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Awesome Art!

Vijeta at LACMA

One of the biggest changes between being a senior in high school and a freshman in college is the ability to get around. While at home it was always possible to hitch a ride from a friend or just drive around on my own, I discovered that in college I had to be more conscious of my shopping needs and plan trips much more in-advance if I wanted to get somewhere off-campus on my own.

During the weekend, my friends and I decided to venture out into Los Angeles and visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We planned our trip out online, and then embarked on local buses to reach our destination. The journey to the museum itself took us through various Los Angeles neighborhoods including Koreatown, and gave us another glimpse into the strength of diversity within Los Angeles. USC itself is a dynamic community, but it is only one part of all of the learning which Los Angeles has to offer.

Upon reaching the museum we discovered that it was, in fact, surrounded by several more museums that we were not even aware of and many famous eateries and food trucks. The exhibits at LACMA were fabulous, as expected, but our exploration of the area around the museum proved to be just as rewarding.

While on the bus back to USC, I realized that there is so much of Los Angeles which I have yet to see, and as a member of the Trojan family I am also a member of the vibrant city of Los Angeles. So in the coming years, I hope to discover as much of LA as I possibly can, and I welcome you to join me!

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