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YSP Mission


The Young Scientist Program is dedicated to inspiring diverse students to become leaders and innovators in science and engineering.

YSP science labs are designed to ignite and foster young children’s curiosity about the physical, marine, natural, life and engineering sciences. YSP bridges scientific gaps between what is taught in the classroom and what the young students see around them in their everyday lives and the 'real world'.

YSP promotes science literacy and encourages the pursuit of careers in the STEM fields by introducing students to areas of scientific study through interactive demonstrations and experiments brought into the classroom.

YSP also allows for TAs to interact with each other; share teaching stories and teaching methods.

YSP is committed to quality hands on science instruction. TAs and teachers work together to make science fun, challenging and enjoyable.


“Wow! Christine my current science TA is the best, she makes me look bad, she reviews the science concepts in detail and explains them clearly and correctly, I am learning so much from her”

Ms.Whitney Grade 5 Teacher

“Thank you for cleaning out and organizing the science room so that our students have a safe, inspiring place to learn, when students see a science lab organized they get motivated and take science seriously”

Ms. Helmers Grade 4 Teacher



“The Young Scientist Program is the best program we have from USC our students love it and I love it, students really respond to the experiments”

Ms.Huan Grade 5 Teacher

“I am so grateful to have the young scientist program, students happily take out their science journals and get so excited when Bridget comes to teach, they are ready to learn and ask questions about science when she is teaching”

Ms.Birke Grade 4 Teacher