Micro/IO Group: Contract Theory and Industrial Organization


Isabelle Brocas
Ph.D., University of Toulouse
Associate Professor, Microeconomic Theory

Juan Carrillo
Ph.D., University of Toulouse
Professor, Microeconomic Theory

Harrison C. Cheng
Ph.D., University of California at Berkely
Associate Professor , General Equilibrium, Game Theory, Chinese Economic Development

Yilmaz Kocer

Ph,D., Princeton University

Assistant Professor, Microeconomic Theory

Michael J. P. Magill
Ph.D., Brown University
Professor , Economics of Financial Markets and Monetary Theory, Economics of Uncertainty, Dynamic Economics, Theory of Incomplete Markets

Guofu Tan
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Professor, Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Chinese Economy

Simon Wilkie

Ph.D., University of Rochester

Professor, Game Theory, Economic and Regulatory Policy Design, Economics of Communications Industries

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