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Availability of specified field of study does NOT indicate that major/minor credit will be granted. Students must consult with major/minor advisor regarding coursework for major/minor credit.


Africa / Middle East:

Gaborone, Botswana - University of Botswana
Cairo, Egypt - American University in Cairo

Amman, Jordan – University of Jordan
Jerusalem, Israel - Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Cape Town, South Africa - University of Cape Town



Beijing, China
Nagoya, Japan - Nanzan University Center for Japanese Studies
Tokyo, Japan - Waseda University 
Tokyo, Japan - Sophia University
Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo International University
East Asia – Japan, Korea, Hong Kong
Seoul, South Korea - Yonsei University


Australia / New Zealand:

Canberra, Australia - Australian National University
Melbourne, Australia - University of Melbourne
Brisbane, Australia - University of Queensland
Auckland, New Zealand – University of Auckland
Dunedin, New Zealand - University of Otago



Prague, Czech Republic (Spring 2016 is last term program will be offered.)
Paris, France – USC Semester in Paris
Berlin, Germany
Dresden, Germany
Athens, Greece
Dublin, Ireland - Trinity College Dublin
Galway, Ireland - National University of Ireland
Florence, Italy
Milan, Italy
Maastricht, Netherlands
St. Petersburg, Russia
Madrid, Spain
Istanbul, Turkey – Bo─čaziçi University (spring only)
Edinburgh, United Kingdom - University of Edinburgh
Brighton, United Kingdom - University of Sussex
London, United Kingdom - London School of Economics 
London, United Kingdom - Queen Mary


Latin America:

Buenos Aires, Argentina
São Paulo, Brazil
Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Managua, Nicaragua