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FACULTY Lisa Collins

Faculty Name:                                                                            

Lisa Collins, David Ginsburg 

Preferred contact information: 

Project Title: 

ENST 320a Water and Soil Sustainability In The Field

Position description: 

ENST 320a In the Field is a special section of the Water and Soil Sustainability course (currently taught on the University Park Campus), and one of several courses included in the Summer 2012 Problems Without Passports program.  The course will be conducted on the Wrigley campus with enhanced research, lab and field studies.  Additionally, human population growth will be examined as we examine the requirements for maintaining an ecologically sustainable balance among island residents, visitors, and the environment itself.  Students will explore this issue by visiting the city of Avalon on Catalina, the largest population center on any of the Channel Islands, and speaking with community leaders and resource managers in the waste, power, and water fields.


Prerequisite coursework  (if applicable): Recommended ENST 100 or one semester of Chemistry or Biology


Preferred major, class level (if applicable) and other requirements: 

Any major within Dornsife College