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USC Dornsife 60-Second Video Capsules

The vast expertise of USC Dornsife faculty is important, relevant and interdisciplinary. This gallery of 60-second videos invites the unquenchably curious, the seekers of knowledge and the abundantly imaginative to explore great ideas and innovative research with world-class faculty.

Stop by often to watch exciting new videos that will be minutes well spent!




  Karen Sternheimer:
More than Child's Play
Department: Sociology
Aaron Lauda:
Math with a Twist
Department: Mathematics

Elsi Kaiser:
Psycholinguistic Eye-Tracking Experiment
Department: Linguistics
John Wilson:
Spatial Thinking in Today's World
Department: Spatial Sciences Institute
Andrei Marmor:
Philosophical Theories of Law
Department: Law

 Wendy Wood:
How Habits Guide Behavior
Department: Psychology and Business
 Wayne Glass:
The War on Terror
Department: International Relations
Jody Agius Vallejo:
Mobility of Middle Class Mexican-Americans
Department: Sociology  

Sherman Jackson:
Introduction to Islam
Department: Religion
Ange-Marie Hancock:
Politics and Intersectionality
Department: Sociology
Nick Warner:
Newton's Third Law
Department: Physics and Astronomy
 David Ginsburg:
Scientific Diving
Department: Environmental Studies
Werner Dappen:
The Possibility of Aliens
Department: Physics and Astronomy 
 Zhong-Lin Lu:
Illusion of a Curveball's Break
Department: Psychology and Biomedical Engineering
 Moh El-Naggar:
Microbial Hair: It's Electric

Department: Physics and Astronomy
 Mark Marino:
E-Literature Revealed
Department: Writing
 Susan Forsburg:
Imaging Cancer Cells

Department: Biological Sciences
Edward Rhodes:
Tracking Solar Activity

Department: Physics and Astronomy 
Manuel Pastor:
When Opportunity Knocks

Department: American Studies & Ethnicity 
Myron Goodman:
SOS — RecA Protein

Department: Biological Sciences and Chemistry 
 Lynn Swartz Dodd:
Digging Archaeology

Department: Archaeology
 Judith Freeman:
Raymond Chandler in L.A.

Department: Masters of Professional Writing
 T.C. Boyle:
The Creative Writing Process
Department: Englishqa