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USC Dornsife 60-Second Video Capsules

The vast expertise of USC Dornsife faculty is important, relevant and interdisciplinary. This gallery of 60-second videos invites the unquenchably curious, the seekers of knowledge and the abundantly imaginative to explore great ideas and innovative research with world-class faculty.

Stop by often to watch exciting new videos that will be minutes well spent!

Laurie Brand

Oil and the Middle East
Department: Middle East Studies and International Relations

Professor Laurie Brand, director of the Middle East Studies Program, discusses how oil companies have controlled the industry.

Father James Heft

Father James Heft
Catholocism and Feminism
Department: Religion

Father James Heft explores feminism as it relates to the Catholic Church.

Karen Sternheimer

More than Child’s Play
Department: Sociology

Professor Karen Sternheimer explains the sociological concept of interpretive reproduction in children.

Aaron Lauda

Math with a Twist
Department: Mathematics

Professor Aaron Lauda offers a brief introduction to knot theory, the study of mathematical knots.

Elsi Kaiser

Psycholinguistic Eye-Tracking Experiment
Department: Linguistics

Professor Elsi Kaiser works with undergraduate student Evangeline Alva ’14 on an eye-tracking experiment in her psycholinguistics lab.

John Wilson

Spatial Thinking in Today’s World
Department: Spatial Sciences Institute

Professor John Wilson describes how spatial thinking — the ability to understand the connections between place and space — is a simple but important imperative in our ever more crowded and connected world.

Wendy Wood

How Habits Guide Behavior
Department: Psychology and Business

Wendy Wood, Provost Professor of Psychology and Business, and vice dean for social sciences, talks about how habits guide behavior.

Wayne Glass

The War on Terror
Department: International Relations

In his international relations class, Professor Emeritus of the Practice of International Relations, Wayne Glass teaches students how to “red team,” a strategy used in Washington, D.C.

Jody Agius Vallejo

Mobility of Middle Class Mexican-Americans
Department: Sociology 

Jody Agius Vallejo, assistant professor of sociology, talks to a group of students about the intergenerational mobility of middle-class Mexican Americans.

Sherman Jackson

Introduction to Islam
Department: Religion

Sherman Jackson, the King Faisal Chair in Islamic Thought and Culture and Professor of Religion and American Studies and Ethnicity teaches a GE course, “Introduction to Islam.”

Ange-Marie Hancock

Politics and Intersectionality
Department: Sociology

Political science, gender studies and sociology professor Ange-Marie Hancock provides a blueprint for political progress with intersectionality, a theoretical framework that looks at the intersections of race, gender, class and sexuality politics and their impact on public policy.

Nick Warner

Newton’s Third Law
Department: Physics and Astronomy

Physics and astronomy professor, Nick Warner, explains Newton’s Third Law to his students with elaborate visual demonstrations.

David Ginsburg

Scientific Diving
Department: Environmental Studies

Environmental studies lecturer David Ginsburg explains scientific research diving.

Werner Dappen

The Possibility of Aliens
Department: Physics and Astronomy

Professor Werner Dappen talks to his class about the possibility of aliens.

Moh El-Naggar

Microbial Hair: It’s Electric
Department: Physics and Astronomy

Moh El-Naggar discusses how some bacteria grow electrical hair that lets them link up in big biological circuits.

Mark Marino

E-Literature Revealed
Department: Writing

Meet Mark Marino, associate professor of writing at USC Dornsife, who reveals what e-literature is all about.

Susan Forsburg

Imaging Cancer Cells
Department: Biological Sciences

Professor Susan Forsburg discusses her lab’s fundamental form of cancer research.

Edward Rhodes

Tracking Solar Activity
Department: Physics and Astronomy

Edward Rhodes, professor of astronomy, talks about solar activity that he and his team have observed through the Mt. Wilson solar telescope.

Manuel Pastor

When Opportunity Knocks
Department: American Studies & Ethnicity

Manuel Pastor, Turpanjian Chair in Civil Society and Social Change, talks about seizing the moment.

Myron Goodman

SOS — RecA Protein
Department: Biological Sciences and Chemistry

Myron Goodman discusses how the RecA protein helps to fix damaged cells.

Lynn Swartz Dodd

Digging Archaeology
Department: Archaeology

Lynn Swartz Dodd, curator of USC Dornsife’s Archaeology Research Center, takes students into the field.

T.C. Boyle

The Creative Writing Process
Department: English

T.C. Boyle, writer in residence and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of English, discusses the creative writing process.