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2010-2011 Recipients



Judith Bennett, History

“Professor Bennett was the most interesting and energetic professor I’ve ever had.  She forced us to reevaluate our ideas of the Middle Ages by introducing diversity in new ways”

~ History 102gm, Medieval People: EarlyEurope and its Neighbors, 400-1500


William Berelson, Earth Sciences

“Professor Berelson’s class helped me understand the cultural and historical context of my own life

so much that I am going to think about incorporating green ocean saving designs in all of my future projects.  No seriously.  I intend to do that!”

~ Earth Science 107Lg, Oceanography


Frank Corsetti, Earth Sciences

“This course has been the best G.E. experience I’ve had so far.  I learned a lot about geology and can apply it to my personal life and things around me.  God job Corsetti!”

~ Earth Science 125Lg, Earth History: A Planet and Its Evolution


Brett Sheehan, History

“Professor Sheehan’s lectures were highly engaging and inspiring.  He taught us to think rather than regurgitate and related course material to real life connections.  If he taught all the history courses, I would major in history.”

~ History 106g, Chinese Lives: An Introduction to Chinese History


David St. John, English

“Professor St. John was amazing!  He provided a great learning atmosphere with great choice of poetry and guest poets.  We learned literary and artistic analysis of poems and related them to our own lives thus prompting me to revisit every aspect of my life and giving me a whole new perspective.”

~ Arts and Letters 100g, The Poetics of Loss



Advanced Writing

Matthew Manson

“I can’t say enough how much I truly enjoyed this class, and how much Professor Manson’s class has benefitted my writing.”

~ Writing 340, Advanced Writing


Graduate Assistants

Samuel Adams, Art History

“Sam really loves teaching.  He is enthusiastic, engages students and asks questions that require a deeper level of thought and understanding of the material.  He is always available to help and clarify difficult concepts from the lecture.  I love Sam Adams!”

~ Art History 128g, Arts of Latin America


Emily Fridlund, Writing Program

“Wow!  Great teacher!  Honestly, I don’t have anything bad to say about her.  All of her techniques, strategies and explanations were great.  She was very engaging and I enjoyed going to class.”

~ Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning


Canan Ipek, Linguistics

“Canan was an excellent TA!  She was so clear in all the concepts I learned!  She has a gift for teaching!”

~ Linguistics 110Lg, In a Word


Alida Liberman, Philosophy

“Great teacher  assignment!  Alida was very articulate and spoke clearly so that difficult concepts could be understood.  I feel like she really grounded all of the information given during the lecture into my head.”

~ Philosophy 262g, Mind and Self: Modern Conceptions


Michel Martínez, Political Science

“It’s relatively clear that my political viewpoints differ from those of Ms. Martínez, but I always felt comfortable speaking my mind, and I appreciate that greatly.  She also was admirably objective and did not allow any bias to creep into her teaching.  She’s great!”

~ Political Science 130g, Law, Politics and Public Policy