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2009-2010 Recipients



Brad Damaré, Slavic Languages and Literatures

 “The strength of this course was Professor Damaré!  His enthusiasm for the course and its subject matter created a fabulously engaging learning environment – one that furthered my knowledge of Russian literature and music and of analysis and persuasion as a whole.”

~ Arts and Letters 101g, Russian Literature and Music


Daniel Richter, Classics

 “Professor Richter is an amazing instructor who is extremely enthusiastic about his subject matter and loves to teach.  He engages the students fully and gives an insightful, inspirational and entertaining lecture.  I greatly enjoyed taking this class.”

~ Classics 280g, Classical Mythology


Andrew Simpson, Linguistics

 “Professor Simpson was fully engaged and enthusiastic about the subject matter and taught with excitement.  He made the course content extremely interesting.  I definitely think more analytically about events that happen around me because of his class.”

~ Linguistics 115g, Language, Society and Culture


Sherry Velasco, Spanish and Portuguese

 “Professor Velasco made the content very interesting and inspired me to become more knowledgeable about Spanish culture.  Her course made me think analytically about the works and films presented in class.”

~ Arts and Letters 100g, Women and Desire in Spanish Literature and Film


Justin Wood, Psychology

 “Professor Wood was really enthusiastic about the material and made the class fun to be in.  The subject matter was very interesting as well.  Thanks to the theories and experiments presented in class, I have a better understanding of life.”

~ Psychology 339Lg, Origins of the Mind



Advanced Writing

Geoffrey Middlebrook

“Professor Middlebrook is very knowledgeable and wise.  He used his knowledge and clear passion for teaching to help us.  I was extremely motivated and encouraged by him to improve my writing skills.  I feel much more confidence in myself as a writer.”

~ Writing 340, Advanced Writing



Graduate Assistants


Glenn Fox, Biological Sciences

“Glenn was great at making this class much more approachable.  He presented the material in a way that sparked interest.  He was a great motivator who made us feel reassured.”

~ Biological Sciences 230Lxg, Brain, Mind and Machines: Topics in Neuroscience


Andrew Scott Mata, Earth Sciences

“Amazing!  Scott really seemed to care about us doing well.  He cleared up any confusion and made sure we fully understood the material before moving on.  He’s one of the best TAs I’ve ever had.”

~ Earth Sciences 108Lg, Crisis of a Planet


José Navarro, The Writing Program

“José’s encouragement, love and passion for the subject inspired all students and motivated us to think critically and analytically.  He was so open and accessible that he even gave us his cell phone number so we could text him!  This was an extremely valuable learning experience.”

~ Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning


Yvonne Puig, The Writing Program

 “Yvonne was extremely helpful and definitely inspired my writing style.  Her thoughtful feedback and constructive criticism not only made me improve but also made me consider every side of an argument and understand different viewpoints.”

~ Writing 140, Witing and Critical Reasoning


Jingyu Xue, East Asian Languages and Cultures

“Jingyu was very comprehensive in her discussion section.  She made sure everyone knew the often times challenging material.  She is extremely knowledgeable, nice, easy to approach, and an overall excellent supplement to the course.”

~ East Asian Languages and Cultures 145g, Introduction to Chinese Culture, Art and Literature