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2008-2009 Recipients

Distinguished Service

Charles McKenna, Chemistry

In recognition of his continuing contribution to the General Education Program.



 David Albertson, School of Religion

 “Professor Albertson made analytical thinking much more interesting.  I feel that my ability to think has improved because of this class.”

~ ARLT 100g, Love and Desire in Medieval Christian Mysticism


Deborah Harkness, History

 “Professor Harkness was very enthusiastic and articulate.  She was very specific and stressed the general concepts of modern Europe with much detail.  I feel much more informed and culturally awake.”

~ History 103g, The Emergence of Modern Europe


John Monterosso, Psychology

 “Professor Monterosso is awesome!  He’s one of the best professors at USC!  His lectures are very interesting and he’s knowledgeable and wonderful.”

~ Psychology 201Lg, The Science of Happiness


Mark Schroeder, Philosophy

 “Professor Schroeder taught us about every moral issue in the modern world and gave us the tools for deciding which side we were on.”

~ Philosophy 140g, Contemporary Moral and Social Issues


 Advanced Writing

Caley O’Dwyer Feagin, The Writing Program

“Caley is awesome!  He offered a lot of advice and was always willing to meet with students.  His comments were helpful and I feel I have become a much stronger writer because I took 140 and 340 with him.”

~ Writing 340, Advanced Writing for the Arts and Humanities


 Graduate Assistants

 Cathrine Besançon, Art History

“Cathrine was very well-informed in the subject area.  She was great about scheduling time to get together and review or help even not during office hours.”

~ Art History 121g, Art and Society: Renaissance to Modern


Julienne Gard, Geography

“Julienne really knew about the subject.  She always tried to make us share our opinions about the issues.  She was always willing to help us out and was accessible to students anytime.”

~ Geography 265Lg, The Water Planet


Alexis Landau, Writing

“The instructor was encouraging, helpful, insightful, approachable, and adaptable.  Alexis was a great instructor in all aspects because she was helpful but also a hard grader.  I can safely say my writing improved tremendously thanks to Alexis’s help.”

~ Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning


Charles (Brady) Potts, Sociology

 “Brady brought intelligent points to class every day and kept the class captivated at all times.”

~ Sociology 169gm, Changing Family Forms


Julia Staffel, Philosophy

“Thank you for making this the most productive discussion that I’ve ever had.  I rarely give good evaluations, but you were excellent, Julia.  Thanks.”

~ Philosophy 262g, Mind and Self: Modern Conceptions


Erika Wenstrom, Writing

“Erika had a genuine concern for us as students.  She was eloquent and described difficult concepts well and her unique teaching techniques were a brilliant decision.”

~ Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning