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2007-2008 Recipients

Distinguished Service

 William McClure

“I definitely think more scientifically about my own life… I often find myself talking about what I learned with family and friends.”

-  Biological Sciences 230Lg, Brain, Mind and Machines: Topics in Neuroscience



Daniela Bleichmar

“This course made me realize my love for Latin American culture and has really and truly inspired me to visit those countries one day to explore and see the art we discussed.”

-  Art History 128g, Arts of Latin America


Judith Halberstam

“The course opened up a whole new world to me; it totally flipped everything upside down, but in a good way.”

-  Gender Studies 210gm, Social Issues in Gender


Dana Johnson

“The course helped me learn how to read intensively and closely…  It also taught me lessons I could apply to life.”

-  Arts and Letters 100g, Girlhood: Twentieth-Century Perspectives


Sharon Lloyd

“Professor Lloyd taught me to ‘poke’ ideas with a stick and think critically about serious topics.”

-  Philosophy 137g, Social Ethics for Earthlings and Others


John Platt

“Professor Platt is a compassionate teacher who went the extra mile to help students succeed.”

-  Earth Sciences 105Lg, Planet Earth


Advanced Writing

John Murray

“I never had a learning experience like it.  Not only did I learn a lot about good researching, writing, and documentary-making, but I learned more about society and my own values and passions.  I loved every minute of this class.”

~  Writing 340, Advanced Writing

Ron Scheer

“Dr. Scheer is perhaps the most charismatic teacher I have ever had at USC.  In addition to learning a great deal about writing, I really felt inspired each day to seek knowledge in the real world because of his inspiration.”

~  Writing 340, Advanced Writing


Graduate Assistant

Devon Harlow

“Devon was extremely approachable, understandable, and articulate.  She really clarified complex elements of the professor’s lectures, which made the course less daunting.”

-  Classics 151g, Civilization of Rome


Adam Ianno

“Adam was very interested in making sure all students understood the material covered in class.  He was willing to help in any way possible and made learning fun in class.”

-  Earth Sciences 108Lg, Crises of a Planet


Su Jin Lee

“Su Jin really seemed to care about the students, their understanding of the subject, and their well being.”

-  Geography 260Lg, Natural Hazards


Edson Rodriguez

“Overall an amazing TA, who made coming to class a great experience by having a fun class environment, while clearly and carefully discussing lecture topics.”

-  Sociology 169gm, Changing Family Forms


Samuel Shpall

“Sam did a great job of not only explaining concepts, but of encouraging students to discuss and debate them as well.”

-  Philosophy 155g, Modern Philosophy and the Meaning of Life


William Yancey Wyatt

“Yance understood the amount of work we had to do and would help us accomplish everything we had to do.  He was always willing to spend extra time with us in planning our papers and truly cared about each and every one of us.”

-  Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning