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2006-2007 Recipients



Professor Wener Däppen

Department of Physics and Astronomy

* Award for Distinguished Service to the General Education Program
“Professor Däppen is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and a gifted instructor. I loved this course!”
~ Student in Astronomy 100Lxg, The Universe


Professor William Deverell

Department of History

* Award for teaching a General Education course for the first time
“Professor Deverell was the strength of this course. He is brilliant, stimulating, and informative. He’s the best teacher I have ever had.”
~ Student in History 200gm, The American Experience


Professor Lanita Jacobs-Huey

Departments of Anthropology

“This course taught me to think about cultures and ideas much different from my own. It has also taught me to think analytically, trust my thought process and challenge ideas.”
~ Student in Anthropology 263g, Exploring Culture Through Film


Professor Thomas Seifrid

Department of Slavic Languages and Literature

“This course stimulated my interest to such an extent that I am willing to visit Russia over the summer to experience the things that I have learned about.”
~ Student in Slavic Languages and Literature 330g, Russian Thought and Civilization


Bill Feuer

USC College Writing Program

“Dr. Feuer obviously had a very strong interest in watching his students succeed. His enthusiasm about writing, his personable nature, and his general good humor all contributed to making him my favorite instructor.”
~ Student in Writing 340, Advanced Writing for the Arts and Humanities


Danielle Hinrichs

USC College Writing Program

“Professor Hinrichs’s compassionate, intelligent and gentle teaching approach inspired me to open up and delve into my creative side without feeling intimidated or judged.”
~ Student in Writing 340, Advanced Writing for Social Sciences



Tameem Albash

Physics and Astronomy

“Tameem is a great leader and a strong instructor. He is clear and I felt very comfortable asking questions.”
~ Student in Physics 100Lxg, The Physical World


Unnati Jariwala

Biological Sciences

“Unnati is very well organized and makes every effort to clearly articulate the objectives of each lab. She makes sure that each student is able not only to perform but understand the purpose of the labs.”
~ Student in Biological Sciences 150Lxg, The Nature of Human Health and Disease


Max Berkelhammer

Earth Sciences

“Max was very enthusiastic about showing me how to do the lab if I did not understand. I had a very fun time learning the lab materials and thought everything was very interesting especially how it applies to the real world.”
~ Student in Earth Sciences 107Lxg, Oceanography


Viet Le

American Studies and Ethnicity

“Viet’s insightful personal stories about the subject matter really helped us grasp the subject. I loved his teaching style and the way he ran the class. Nice guy!”
~ Student in American Studies and Ethnicity 101g, Race and Class in Los Angeles


Michael Block


“Michael was so excited to talk to us and really knows and loves the subject matter. … His knowledge about the material was a definitive strength as well as his ability to articulate ideas.”
~ Student in History 271g, Early Native American Stories


Eric Rawson


“Eric is the best teacher I’ve had so far. Very easy to relate to; feels like a good friend.”
~ Student in Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning


Zeina Ghazzaoui

Comparative Literature

“Zeina is very personable and easy to talk to. She generally cares about the well being of her own students. Her intelligence comes across in class and she has been an extreme help on every essay. She has not only improved my writing but has helped open my eyes to different perspectives.”
~ Student in Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning

Jonathan Weil


“Jonathan is always willing to explain concepts in a language which is both understandable and clear (unlike Kant). He has a sincere appreciation for the study of philosophy and is more than willing to engage students in the challenge of our basic assumptions.”
~ Student in Philosophy 225g, Love and Its Representations in Literature, Philosophy and Film