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2005-2006 Recipients



Professor John (Jeb) Barnes

Department of Political Science

“Professor Barnes opened my mind to new avenues of analysis.  I now look at everyday events more closely and see the effects of politics and judicial action.  It’s exciting to recognize and be able to explain certain cultural phenomena.”
~ Student in Political Science 130g, Law, Politics, and Public Policy


Professor Lori Meeks

Departments of Religion and East Asian Languages and Cultures

“This course was phenomenal.  Professor Meeks makes an earnest effort to touch upon all areas of Buddhist ethics through various readings and her feedback is always helpful.”
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g,
Ethics, Morality, and Social Action in Buddhist Literature and Thought


Professor Bryan Burns

Department of Classics

“If I ever aspire to become a professor myself, I would attempt to model myself after Burns --- and would be delighted to impact any one student the way he has me.”
~ Student in Classics 280g, Classical Mythology


Professor Denis Mitchell

Department of Pscyhology

“Professor Mitchell was fast, forced you to keep up, kept material interesting, pushed you to work hard and seemed to put as much effort into showing us how to grow intellectually as in learning the subject material.  I loved this class.”
~ Student in Psychology 200Lg, Love and Attachment


Professor Sarah Gualtieri

Departments of History and American Studies and Ethnicity

“Professor Gualtieri made the course unique.  Not only did it cover a wide span of material that addresses current issues, it also went into depth on the perception of women.  By looking at direct sources, we were able to form our own opinions.”
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g, Women and Revolution in the Middle East


Professor Vitaly Kresin

Department of Physics and Astronomy

“Professor Kresin is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about physics and is able to teach the concepts in an understandable manner.”
~ Student in Physics 100Lg, The Physical World




Anne Shea

USC College Writing Program

“Anne Shea is the most insightful, compassionate and understanding professor I’ve had in my life.  I have learned so much from her ... about writing, art and myself.  I now feel confident about a process I have feared my whole life.  To be honest, this class saved me from dropping out of college.”
~ Student in Writing 340, Advanced Writing for the Visual and Performing Arts




Jennifer Conary

English / USC College Writing Program

“Jennifer is extremely articulate.  She is very intelligent, has a vast vocabulary, and was an excellent instructor.  She explained things very well and I feel that she helped me improve my writing.  Furthermore, she made herself available to assist her students which was also very helpful.  Lastly, her criticisms were always both accurate and constructive.”
~ Student in Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning


Lorraine Leon

Earth Science

“Lorraine was very knowledgeable and able to clarify any questions on the lab or lecture materials.  She organized a lab environment that encouraged student participation and learning, but was also willing to explain so that labs were not stressful.”
~ Student in Earth Science 240Lxg, Earthquakes


Marc (Jung-Whan) De Jong


“Marc was extremely helpful, lenient and open-minded.  He would always go out of his way to help students.”
~ Student in Sociology 150gm, Social Problems


Robert Shanklin


“Robert was excellent at communicating the subject matter in an efficient, clear manner.  His out of class work was apparent through his emails and his availability.  He did all he could to help us and be there for us.”
~ Student in Linguistics 295g, The Ancient Near East: Culture, Archaelogy, and Texts


Andrew Fogleman


“Andrew has a way of simplifying the complex world of the past so that it is not only informative intellectually, but also digestible.  Students can dream the impossible and finally accomplish the most they can under his guidance.  He is a marvelous teacher.”
~ Student in History 102g, Medieval Civilization


Erika Wright

English / Thematic Option

“You were an amazing teacher, incredibly supportive to help me write the best possible papers, as well as to help me understand exactly what I needed to do to create them.  Everything was explained clearly, and a lot of constructive criticism was given to my individual writing style.”
~ Student in Thematic Option Core 111, Writing I


Christina Law

Occupational Therapy / Exercise Science

“Christina, keep up the great work!  Your teaching style has inspired me on how my future classroom will be.”
~ Student in Exercise Science 205Lxg, The Science of Human Performance