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2003-2004 Recipients


Professor Stephen Finlay

Department of Philosophy

“I learned how to analyze and express my view on the different issues discussed in class. I have begun to think more in depth about the issues and not judge situations as much .”
~ Student in Philosophy 140g, Contemporary Moral and Social Issues


Professor Michael Messner

Department of Sociology

“ This class is very insightful and enlightening. It provides me a whole new perspective on things. Professor Messner is great! He’s not boring! He teaches things in a clear and organized manner. .”
~ Student in Sociology 150gm, Social Problems


Professor Robert Girandola

Department of Kinesiology

“ This course helped me think analytically about scientific evidence and arguments and helped in developing my writing skills through the lab reports. This is a good G.E .”
~ Student in Exercise Science 205Lg, The Science of Human Performance


Professor Charles Sammis

Department of Earth Sciences

“ The material was interesting and presented in an organized, easy to understand manner. I definitely began to think more about scientific evidence and arguments. Professor Sammis is fantastic .”
~ Student in Earth Sciences 240Lxg, Earthquakes


Professor Judith Jackson Fossett

Department of English

“ This course has taught me to be a thoughtful reader when reading various literary works. It has also taught me to read engagingly, to question the text and to analyze it .”
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g, The American Gothic


Professor Gideon Yaffe

Department of Philosophy

“ This was an excellent course. It stimulated serious thinking about provocative concepts. Professor Yaffe treated every question as a valuable contribution to the discussion and encouraged questions throughout the lecture. He is wonderful .”
~ Student in Philosophy 262g, Mind and Self: Modern Conceptions


Professor Roberto Lint Sagarena

Department of Religion

“ The communication between the professor and the students was great! It allowed a better understanding of the course materials and the subject matter to be presented. The texts and course materials helped us crystallize our thoughts and provide “clear and effective” ways of expressing them .”
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g, How El Norte Became the Southwest


Professor Maite Zubiaurre

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

“Professor Zubiaurre has helped me write clearly, simply by in-class discussions leading to essays, and to think analytically about texts and the history of feminism and immigration based on readings and discussion.”
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g,
Feminist Diasporas: Women and Urban Exile in Literature, Performance and Film




Diana York Blaine

The Writing Program

“She is brilliant! I felt like everything that came out of her mouth was important information. She challenged us to think in ways we had never done before.”
~ Student in Writing 340, Advanced Writing



Arsiyanti Ardie

Department of Comparative Literature

“A beautiful individual. Passionately taught the class. Thoroughly enhanced my writing abilities and my life. The most intelligent person I’ve ever met. The best writing course and, in general, the best class I’ve ever taken. She was always willing to help students and encourage them.”
~ Student in Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning


Olanna Mills

Department of Comparative Literature

“Olanna has been the best TA I’ve had during my entire time at USC! She took a class that is extremely difficult for me and made these abstract concepts much more understandable. Class has been a powerful learning experience because of her. I think she deserves a TA award!”
~ Student in Classics 320gm, Diversity and the Classical Western Tradition


Arthur Auerbach

Department of Political Science

“The instructor was very accessible and approachable. He truly wanted his students to be successful in the course and did everything within his power to ensure they were comfortable with and understood the material. He was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful.”
~ Student in Political Science 130g, Law, Politics and Public Policy


Kathryn Strong

Department of English

“Kathy made learning and discussing writing techniques fun and interesting. She kept us awake even on Monday mornings. She taught me a lot about writing and about life.”
~ Student in Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning


Nathaniel Lorentz

Department of Earth Sciences

“Nate was such a great TA, honestly. He is one of the funniest and smartest people I’ve met here at USC – he is really good at making connections that we can relate to and presenting the material in an entertaining way. He made sure everyone understood what was important – what the point was. He really did his job well.”
~ Student in Earth Sciences 108Lg, Crisis of a Planet


Brian Talbot

Department of Philosophy

“Brian has so many strengths as a T.A. – he explains the concepts clearly and creates situations to make/help us understand the concept. He is always available for help outside of class. Brian also has a great passion for teaching and it makes us want to learn more about Philosophy.”
~ Student in Philosophy 140g, Contemporary Moral and Social Issues