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2002-2003 Recipients



Professor Lois Banner

Department of History

“Professor Banner was an amazing woman. Her energy and love for students/teaching were what made the course so excellent.”
~ Student in History 245gm, Gender and Sexualities in American History

Professor Jane Iwamura

Departments of American Studies & Ethnicity and Relgion

“I learned to think critically about the books or films I am exposed to and be more aware of the Asian identity in this society.”
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g, Asian Identity in Literature and Film


Professor Aimee Bender

Department of English

“This course didn’t just change my perspective on reading. It changed my perspective on life.”
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g, Classic and Contemporary Fairy Tales


Professor Paul Knoll

Department of History

“Professor Knoll is very enthusiastic about his field and communicated the subject in a very clear manner.” “I thought about my life in relation to the lives of many men thousands of years ago and it really puts things in perspective.”
~ Student in History 102g, Medievel Civilization


Professor Jack Feinberg

Department of Physics and Astronomy

“Dr. Feinberg is an amazing lecturer. He keeps us engaged and makes the class both interesting and relevant.”
~ Student in Physics 100Lxg, The Physical World


Professor Frank Lewis

Department of Philosophy

“Professor Lewis does a wonderful job of engaging students with anecdotes. He explains concepts fairly well using colorful examples and truly teaches based on his own zest for doing so. The papers allowed me to rethink the lessons as well as evaluate my own thoughts in a challenging way.”
~ Student in Philosophy 115g, Ancient Greek Culture and Society


Professor Gabriel Giorgi

Departments of Comparative Literature and Spanish

“Professor Giorgi definitely is brilliant and does teach aspects of Latin America in their own terms. He brings out concepts from texts with mathematical precision, creative passion, and academic enthusiasm.”
~ Student in Comparative Literature 250g, Cultures of Latin America


Professor Charles McKenna

Department of Chemistry

“The strengths of this course are Dr. McKenna and his staff. Their hard work shows. Thank you!”
~ Student in Chemistry 203Lxg, Chemistry in Life: AIDS Drug Discovery and Development




Kathleen Inman Berens

The Writing Program

“Dr. Berens really brought out the best individual strengths of each student – and then pushed them to stretch in new ways they aren’t used to; valued everyone’s opinions and thoughts; very articulate. I am lucky and blessed to have had her as a teacher.”
~ Student in Writing 340, Advanced Writing


Nicholas Buccola

Department of Political Science

“Nicholas Buccola seemed like he loved his job: always prepared, able to have fun, but still very productive. He is the most responsive T.A. to students’ needs that I’ve ever had.”
~ Student in Political Science 130g, Law, Politics and Public Policy


Bridget Hoida

Department of English

“Bridget Hoida seemed to know each student well on an individual basis, which is important. Above all, she truly cared in terms of how her students were learning and performing.”
~ Student in Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning


Ulrika Eriksson

Department of Chemistry

“Ulrika Eriksson was very nice, easy to talk to, very accessible and worked hard to help students understand the material. She did a great job explaining concepts and preparing students for exams. Fantastic job!”
~ Student in Chemistry 102Lxg, The Molecular World


Melody Lin

Professional Writing Program

“Melody Lin was a wonderful instructor who made my WRIT 140 experience great. The work she put into teaching us and the amount of enthusiasm in teaching was beyond what I had ever expected from a college course. Melody made the class my favorite of the semester.”
~ Student in Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning