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2001-2002 Recipients



Professor Tim Biblarz

Department of Sociology

"I loved the enthusiasm of Professor Biblarz. It really made me want to focus and listen to what he was saying. The statistics and in-class participation helped me learn more and be involved at the same time."
~ Student in Sociology 16g, Changing Family Forms


Professor Paul Lerner

Department of History

"Professor Lerner is a great professor. He conveys a broad knowledge of various subjects, great reading selections, encourages discussions, and utilizes great visuals."
~ Student in History 104g, Europe and Its Influence Since 1750:
From the Rise of Democracy to the Age of the Extremes

Professor John Bowlt

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

"Professor Bowlt was enthusiastic about the subject matter and did a wonderful job
of relaying all that he knew to the class. He made learning enjoyable!"
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g, Modern Russian Art

Professor Steven Lund

Department of Earth Sciences

"Professor Lund explored the ways scientists are trying to adjust to new problems being found and provoked our thoughts when he presented the current problems. Through this course, I've learned the importance of our oceans and why we need to preserve and protect them."
~ Student in Earth Sciences 107Lg, Oceanography

Professor James Dolan

Department of Earth Sciences

"Professor Dolan's enthusiasm and clarity in defining concepts was the strength in this course. His answers to students and treatment of students are remarkable. His teaching methods.
~ Student in Earth Sciences 240Lg, Earthquakes


Professor David Roman

Department of English

"The discussion was stimulating, beneficial, and always educational. Dr. Roman is my favorite teacher, and he really taught me a new way to look at the world."
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g, The Literature and Art of AIDS in America


Professor Alice Gambrell

Department of English

"The professor (Alice Gambrell) was amazing! She always led a wonderful discussion and made me feel special and smart. The novels and short stories were all excellent and thought provoking."
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g, Girlhood: Twentieth Century Perspectives


Professor Edward Slingerland

Departments of Religion and East Asian Languages and Cultures

"Great Professor!" He makes any subject interesting and his enthusiasm makes the class worthwhile to attend. The fact he works hands on with the text and focuses on it and not the commentary allows the students to formulate his/her own opinion."
~ Student in Religion 131g, Religions of Asia



David R. Samuelson

The Writing Program

"Dr. Samuelson did very well in encouraging students to think, analyze, discuss, and write. He had great knowledge of the material and dispensed it in a way that was valuable to the students. His manner and attitude toward the class, material and students were great and well appreciated."
~ Student in Writing 340, Advanced Writing (Pre-Law)





Helge Alsleben

Department of Earth Sciences

"Explained concepts well, was always accessible, easy to approach, enthusiastic about material, eager to help students learn, explained difficult subject matter and answered students' questions in an understanding way. One cannot improve such perfection!"
~ Student in Earth Sciences 108Lg, Crisis of a Planet


Marcella Marlowe

Department of Political Science

"Marcella Marlowe was always enthusiastic, fun, full of humor and good spirits (at 8 am!) and discussed the information in the discussion in a fun, clear, understandable way. She used great examples and allowed students to discover and understand the concepts for themselves. She was instrumental in helping me pass this course. Best T.A. I've ever had!"
~ Student in Political Science 130g, Law, Politics, and Public Policy


Erin Dufault-Hunter

Department of Religion

"Great communication! Erin Dufault-Hunter was really able to get the students' attention and get them involved. She was very knowledgeable and clear in her answers and lectures. She was always available! I greatly appreciate her work!"
~ Student in Religion 140g, Religion and Ethical Issues

Erin Toth

The Writing Program and Department of English

"Erin Toth is an awesome teacher! She explained things very clearly and her out-going and caring personality makes one want to do well in the class."
~ Student in Writing 140, Writing and Critical Reasoning