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2000-2001 Recipients



Professor Edward Finegan

Department of Linguistics

"Professor Finegan does a wonderful job of presenting the course material in a way that is at times challenging to grasp but forces the student to analyze the material critically. He helped me understand my role in life culturally in comparison with others."
~ Student in Linguistics 115g,
"Language, Society and Culture"


Professor Howard Gillman

Department of Political Science

"Professor Gillman has helped me to be able to look critically at the world around me. I am now able to question, contest and hypothesize about what I feel will occur when certain political situations arise."
~ Student in Political Science 130g,
"Law, Politics and Public Policy"


Professor Stephan Haas

Department of Physics and Astronomy

"The major strength of this course was Professor Haas. He made physics fun and interesting, which believe me, is not an easy thing to do."
~Student in Physics 100Lg,
"Conceptual Physics"


Professor Thomas N. Habinek

Department of Classics

"Professor Habinek’s enthusiasm was definitely a major asset to this course. His clear explanations of primary readings, themes and concepts stimulated my interest in ancient civilization and classics."
~ Student in Classics 151g,
"Civilization of Rome"


Professor Heather James

Department of English

"Professor James did a great job at applying the material we read to art, film, and other reading materials. She always encouraged questions and discussions, and evoked good critical thinking."
~ Student in Arts and Letters 101g,
"Shakespeare and His Rivals"


Professor David Rollo

Department of English

"There has never – in my experience – been such an amazing literature teacher. Professor Rollo was hilarious, insightful, helpful, enthusiastic about the material, and generally spectacular."
~ Student in Arts and Letters 100g,
"Culture, Conformity and Revolt"


Professor Azade-Ayse Rorlich

Department of History

"Professor Rorlich’s class helped me to appreciate Islam. It made me think about ideas of being ‘different' and the ‘same.' Over all, I’m very thankful to have taken this class because it has provided me with an interest to keep on searching and learning about Islam and Muslims everywhere in the world."
~ Student in History 324g,
"Islam in Russia, the USSR, and the Successor States"


Professor Craig B. Stanford

Department of Anthropology

"My understanding of human cultures and an appreciation of the differences between them were fostered by Professor Stanford's class. The time span is incredible, and in some ways it has made me a more humble person to know how much we have in common with animals."
~ Student in Anthropology 200Lg,
"The Origins of Humanity"




Ryan J. Stark

Writing Program

"He was able to give inspiration in a class that I especially dreaded. I ended up wanting to come to class every day. I had a great time, as this is probably the most memorable class and teacher I have ever had."
~ Student in Writing 340,
"Advanced Writing"



Amy Braden

Writing Program

"Although I felt hopeless in terms of my ability to improve, she stuck with me to help me improve and I did. Thanks!"
~ Student in Writing 140,
"Writing and Critical Reasoning"


Eric Del Chrol


 "Eric is deeply interested in students' thoughts. I felt like I was appreciated and intelligent because of him."
~ Student in Classics 280g,
"Classical Mythology"


Rebecca Hanft

Writing Program

 "Rebecca is unbelievably dedicated to and interested in helping her students improve their writing. I feel fortunate and genuinely lucky to have had such a caring, understanding, insightful, and intelligent instructor as Rebecca. Thank you for the very valuable learning experience."
~ Student in Writing 140,
"Writing and Critical Reasoning"


Karina Hankins

Earth Sciences

"Karina explains difficult concepts in a manner that is easy to follow. When we are having problems, she always takes enough time to make sure we fully understand what we are doing before she moves on."
~ Student in Geology 105Lg,
"Planet Earth"