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1999-2000 Recipients



Professor Gene Bickers

Department of Physics and Astronomy

"Professor Bickers made me see the world through science and enabled me to perceive things as I never have before."
- Student in Physics 100Lg, "Conceptual Physics"


Professor Ronald F. Hock

School of Religion

"Professor Hock is far and away the best professor I have had yet in college. He is very accessible, caring, knowledgeable, entertaining and interested in the students' lives outside of this class. He taught me so much about the world and how my beliefs were formed."
- Student in Religion 121g, "The World of the New Testament"


Professor Werner Däppen

Department of Physics and Astronomy

"Professor Däppen presented all materials in an interesting, exciting, and academically challenging manner. His dynamism and expertise made each and every class valuable."
- Student in Astronomy 100Lg, "The Universe"


Professor Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo

Department of Sociology

"I believe that this course helped me learn more about myself and others. It was a valuable class to be in and I'm taking away a great deal from it."
- Student in Sociology 155g, "Immigrant America"


Professor Roberto I. Díaz

Departments of Comparative Literatures & Spanish and Portuguese

"The enthusiasm of Professor Díaz was definitely a strength. This has been my favorite course ever. I was able to learn about myself and others and to expose myself to different philosophies"
- Student in Comparative Literature 250g, "Cultures of Latin America"


Professor Viet Nguyen

Department of English

"Professor Nguyen definitely helped me understand the cultural and historical context of my life and how to think analytically about texts."
- Student in Arts and Letters 100g, "The Nation and Its Others in American Literature and Film"


Professor Tim Gustafson

Departments of American Studies & English

"Professor Gustafson was enthusiastic about communicating the subject matter, was passionate about the topics he taught, and provided a different aspect of American history that has changed my view of America."
- Student in American Studies 301g, "America, the Frontier, and the New West"

Professor Alexander Zholkovsky

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

"Professor Zholkovsky is very, very passionate about teaching us and it's wonderful."
- Student in Arts and Letters 100g, "The Russian Novel"



John Murray

Writing Program

"John was inspiring, passionate about our own development and encouraging about my own potential. He helped me push myself and grow as a student."
- Student in Writing 140, "Writing and Critical Reasoning"


Sara Pruss

Department of Earth Science

 "Sara's main strength were her abilities not only to present the material in a comprehensive manner, but also to form an incomparable bond with the students."
- Student in Earth Sciences 105Lg, "Planet Earh"


Athena Perrakis

Writing Program

 "Athena really loves her job and it shows through her teaching. I've learned so much, and I wanted to because she has a way of explaining a thing to make it so sensible. Good job!"
- Student in Writing 140, "Writing and Critical Reasoning"


Ynez Wilson Hirst

Department of Sociology

"Ynez has a very clear insight into the topics we discuss. She is knowleadeable, very helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure her students understand the topic material."
- Student in Multidisciplinary Activities 167g, "Marginal Groups in America"