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1998-1999 Recipients


 Professor Vern L. Bengtson

Department of Sociology

"Professor Bengtson is brilliant and taught us how to learn, something that is entirely more important than any course content. This was a valuable experience applicable to my whole life."
- Student in Sociology 150gm. "Social Problems"


 Professor H. Edward Ransford

Department of Sociology

"Professor Ransford taught me to think analytically and effectively and helped me understand the historical context of my own life. He was open to talk to all students and encouraged discussion. I would recommend his course to anyone."

- Student in Sociology 142gm, "Diversity and Racial Conflict"

Professor Mitchell Earleywine

Department of Psychology

"The professor was very enthusiastic, very organized, and told us exactly what we needed to know. The subject matter was interesting and inspirational for further research."
- Student in Psychology 165Lg, "Drugs, Behavior and Society"


Professor Edward J. Rhodes, Jr.

Department of Physics and Astronomy

"Professor Rhodes was excellent in every way. He explained concepts clearly and made me think about life and creation much more openly. This was an extremely beneficial course to my education. Thank you."
- Student in Astronomy 100Lg, "The Universe"


Professor Vincent A. Farenga

Departments of Classics & Comparative Literatures

"Professor Farenga definitely made this course as excellent as it was. His teaching style is fluid, interesting, provocative and detail oriented. He prompted me to apply course concepts to my own busy life.Wow!"
- Student in Comparative Literature 150g, "Literature and Western Civilization"


Professor Margaret F. Rosenthal

Departments of Comparative Literatures & French and Italian

"Dr. Rosenthal has an astounding passion and level of knowledge in her work. It has been inspirational and academically stimulating to be a part of this class. She was extremely helpful throughout the semester, in and out of the classroom."
- Student in Comparative Literature 374g, "Women Writers in Europe and America"


Professor Peter E. Nosco

Departments of East Asian Literatures and Cultures & History

"Professor Nosco is excellent. He is well versed in all the information, and has the experience to relate everything to his own life or ours. One of the best professors I've ever had."
- Student in East Asian Languages and Cultures 130g, "East Asian Ethical Thought"


Professor Terry Seip

Professor of History

"Professor Seip was fantastic, one of the best professors I have had at this school. He was enthusiastic, approachable and made us understand how this country was formed."
- Student in History 200g, "The American Experience"




Nicole M. Fraser

Department of Earth Sciences

"Nicole was very patient, helpful, friendly and approachable. She explained things well and was available to help outside of class. She seems to really care about her students."

- Student in Geology 107Lg, "Oceonagraphy"


Nirella J. Sanfratello

Department of Political Science

 "She is very enthusiastic about teaching as well as learning from her students. She explains things very clearly and made even the dullest subject matter interesting. She is very kind and patient with all of her students. Her passion for learning, teaching and discussion was apparent throughout the class."

- Student in Political Science 165g, "Modern Times"


Gregory C. Stanczak

Department of Sociology

"Greg was able to relate to the students and kept conversation interesting. He encouraged different ways of thinking about social problems and found good ways of bringing up discussion topics. He helped us with any difficulties that concerned us."

- Student in Sociology 150g, "Social Problems"


Ruth M. J. Kwon

Department of English

 "Ms. Kwon was very open to discussion, and made sure that she had time for us, which gave me many opportunities to improve my writing. She has a great teaching attitude and made our class discussions very interesting."

- Student in Writing 140