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1997-1998 Recipients


Professor J. Lawford Anderson

Department of Earth Science

"The class pertained to my own life and I learned a tremendous amount. The instructor, Professor Anderson, really helped motivate me in the learning process."
- Student in Earth Sciences 108g, "Crises of A Planet"


Professor William O. McClure

Department of Biological Sciences

"Professor McClure's main strengths were excellent communication and love of the material. He enjoyed himself and encouraged me to do the same. It was effective how he used personal accounts at times to illustrate a point. He was very truthful and doesn't separate himself from the material or the class. Thank you! I am much more excited about science than before."
- Student in Biological Sciences 230Lg, "Brain Mind, and Machines: Topics in Neuroscience"


Professor Gordon M. Berger

Department of History

"The enthusiasm that Professor Berger showed during lectures made me want to learn more about the Japanese culture. The course definitely helped me understand the cultural and the historical context of my own life."
- Student in History 107g, "Japanese History"


Professor William G. Thalmann

Department of Classics

"Texts were thoroughly analyzed and critical thinking skills were clearly developed. Professor Thalmann was quite passionate about the course, making learning an enjoyable experience."
- Student in Arts and Letters 100, "Homer, Virgil, Dante"


Professor Michael J. Dear

Department of Geography

"Excellent course! Actually, the best I've had this semester. Professor Dear's incredible knowledge and understanding coupled with insightful and thought provoking questions and an excellent style of delivery make this a course I would recommend to anyone, regardless of major, who is interested in the world surrounding them, and his or her specific place in it."
- Student in Geography 120, "Geopolitics"


Professor Nicolas P. Warner

Department of Physics and Astronomy

"We went through the evolution of all scientific ideas, competing ideas, unanswered questions--Professor Warner covered everything above. He was well attuned to class reactions and made sure that we understood concepts. If we didn't, he'd go through them again."
- Student in Astronomy 100Lg, "The Universe"


Professor James Kincaid

Department of English

"This is the greatest course I have ever taken and this professor is absolutely wonderful. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Professor Kincaid and what he has taught us. Nothing was too difficult to understand because the professor elaborated on all difficult points. Personally, I love finding socially allowable deviancies in everyday life."
- Student in Arts and Letters 100, "The Literature of Deviance, Monstrosity and Freakishness"


Professor Bruce E. Zuckerman

School of Religion

"This is a wonderful course, filled with interesting topics that are crucial to understanding Western culture. Professor Zuckerman is one of the best I've ever had-- he reflects passion in his teaching. I am not one usually to put a lot of time into course evaluations but this course deserves it."
- Student in Arts and Letters 100g, "The Bible in Western Literature"



Elizabeth K. Bleicher

Department of English
"Ms. Bleicher is an exceptionally strong teacher and she should be commended for the extra time and effort that she puts into helping her students. She seems genuinely interested in our intellectual growth."
- Student in Writing 140, "Writing and Critical Reasoning" affiliated with Gender Studies 210g, "Social Issues in Gender"


Charles A. Rathfelder

Department of Physics and Astronomy
"Mr. Rathfelder was very helpful, fun and friendly. He always came to my assistance and never told me the answers, but rather helped me figure them out for myself. He is a great teacher!"
- Student in a laboratory session for Astronomy 100Lg, "The Universe"


James S. Lai

Department of Political Science
"Mr. Lai always went back to explain things a second or third time. He was very patient and enthusiastic about discussion and encouraged you to get the answer by thinking it through."
- Student in a discussion section of Political Science 130g, "Law, Politics and Public Policy"


Cleveland A. Stevens

School of Religion
"Mr. Stevens is passionate about helping his students become better writers. His enthusiasm for hard work and writing effectively is catching and really motivated me to improve my skills."
- Student in Writing 140, "Writing and Critical Reasoning," affiliated with Political Science 130g, "Law, Politics and Public Policy"