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Parent Opportunities and Resources

Parent Opportunities and Resources

Parents of USC Dornsife students have much to be proud of—from their child’s success in attending USC Dornsife to the sound investment they are making in their child’s future.

There are a number of unique opportunities for parents of current USC Dornsife students to more deeply connect with, and help shape, the environment their child experiences everyday.

Parents are invested in the success of USC Dornsife, and because of that, are particularly willing to support academic programs, scholarships, research and fundraising efforts.  One way for parents to become involved in USC Dornsife is through the 1880 Society. To stay connected and learn more about other ways to get involved, please take a moment to complete our online parent form.

Our goals are to provide parents with information and resources particular to their needs, as well as opportunities for them to connect with the university community and other parents in their area.

To learn more about the Parents Program, please contact Jennifer Dunn at 213.740.4913 or


Resources for USC Dornsife Parents