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Service-Learning, Diversity and the Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills

April 27, 2011, 2:30-3:45


Service-learning is touted as a way to help students develop critical thinking skills and respect for cultural diversity. Indeed, service-learning experiences often expose students to a range of perspectives that can challenge superficial notions of difference. Yet ³diversity² and ³critical thinking² are often poorly conceptualized and measured. This session will present findings from a multi-year study designed to explore the impact of service-learning on students, particularly within the context of ³diversity courses.² We will provide clarity about what, specifically, students gain from service-learning with regard to diversity and higher order thinking skills, as well as offer practical suggestions for maximizing outcomes.


Susan Harris, University of Southern California

Darnell Cole, University of Southern California

Sable Manson, University of Southern California

Wendy Stewart, University of Southern California

Heeju Hwang, University of Southern California


Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)

Fall 2010

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CRA-LA Activity Report (pdf)

Faces of Gentrification (Urban Institute) (pdf)

JEP Performance Task Fall 2010 - Pre (pdf)

JEP Performance Task Fall 2010 - Post (pdf)

SAJE-Figueroa Corridor Map (pdf)

Selling Out Our Neighbors (Cleary) (pdf)

The Real Gentrification Story (Papademetropoulos) (pdf)

Spring 2010

90007 Census Data & Map (pdf)

Daily Trojan Article (pdf)

JEP Performance Task Spring 2010 - Pre (pdf)

JEP Performance Task Spring 2010 - Post (pdf)

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LA Times Article (University Park) (pdf)

LAPD Crime Info USC & UCLA Areas (pdf)

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