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WRITING 140: Writing and Critical Reasoning

Course Policies


To enter Writing 140, a student must satisfy one of the following conditions: a combined score of 1100 or higher on the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT (or 24 or higher on the ACT English exam), a score meriting placement into 140 on USC's Writing Placement Examination, or completion of Writing 120/121 at USC.

140 Course Requirements

The following requirements are specific to Writing 140. Requirements common to all writing courses, such as attendance and participation standards. Note that the following requirements are completely independent of (and in addition to) the requirements of the affiliated Social Issues course.

  1. Five formal out-of-class essays written in response to different assignments.  Each essay should be 5-6 typed pages (for a semester total of approximately 8,000 words).
  2. At least two timed in-class essays written in response to a previously discussed topic or as prewriting for one of the out-of-class assignments.
  3. Regular informal writing assignments (e.g., responses to readings or class discussions).
  4. Two substantially revised essays selected from the five out-of-class essays and an impromptu essay to be submitted for the final portfolio.
  5. Focused research activities in support of argumentative or analytical writing assignments.
  6. Regular attendance throughout the semester and active participation in class discussions and workshop activities.