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USC Dornsife Quick Facts

Selected 2012–13 Highlights

USC Dornsife’s extramural funding has increased 12% in four years to $74.5 million. USC Dornsife’s research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has increased by 32% in three years while the NIH Extramural Budget Allocations have remained flat for the same period.

USC Dornsife faculty members received international recognition, including the Guggenheim Fellowship as well as election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

In national rankings of graduate philosophy departments, the School of Philosophy surged to No. 11.

Of the approximately 47,000 applications for undergraduate admission USC received, more than 26,000 or 55% were applicants to USC Dornsife.

USC Dornsife students received more than $35 million in support toward tuition, research and travel.

USC Dornsife undergraduate and graduate students were selected for prestigious Fulbright, Mellon Mays and Ford Fellowships as well as Marshall, Boren, McNair and Gilman Scholarships.

USC Dornsife created new majors in environmental science and health; computational neuroscience; geodesign; global political economy; and law, history and culture.

USC students dedicated more than 100,000 service hours to the local community through USC Dornsife’s Joint Educational Project.

The USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll positioned the College as a leader in independent public opinion polling in California.

Early in the 2013–14 academic year, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Arieh Warshel received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing the key principles behind computer simulations that are now indispensable in the study of chemical reactions.


Noteworthy Landmarks

USC Dornsife launched its $750 million fundraising initiative as part of the Campaign for the University of Southern California, a multi-year, $6 billion effort to build the university’s endowment. More than $327 million has already been raised toward the goal.

The Center for Social and Economic Research was established to conduct basic and applied research in economics and the social sciences in areas such as financial decision-making. The center formed the Development Portfolio Management Group headquartered in Arlington, Va., to help clients throughout the world get expected results from their economic development investments.

The new Dornsife Neuroscience Pavilion was opened allowing Brain and Creativity Institute researchers to image the human mind in action while exploring the arts with performances in a world-class auditorium.

Dean Steve Kay formed a Sustainability Task Force, which is charged with crafting an inclusive, interdisciplinary vision of the future of sustainability at USC Dornsife.

Coupled with professional mentors and a career leadership course, the Gateway Internship Program was created to encourage USC Dornsife undergraduates to explore career pathways through paid internships at companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Guardian Group, SunAmerica, and Partner Engineering and Science.

Housed in USC Dornsife, the USC Shoah Foundation — The Institute for Visual History and Education along with USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies and design firm Conscience Display collaborated to transform Holocaust survivors into 3-D holograms that can engage in dialogue with future generations.


By the Numbers

79: Undergraduate Majors

65: Undergraduate Minors

37: Doctoral Degree Programs

35: Master’s Programs

37: Academic Departments and Programs

40: Research Centers and Institutes

460+: Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty


12: National Academy of Sciences Members

6: National Academy of Engineering Members

4: Nobel Prize Recipients

1: Royal Society Fellow

1,959: Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded

50: American Association for the Advancement of Science Members

20: American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellows

326: Master’s Degrees Awarded


26: Average Class Size

1,207: Ph.D. Students

66,921: Alumni

8,396: Undergraduate Students

533: Master’s Students

72: Study Abroad Programs in 36 Countries

2060-2250: Average SAT Score for Admitted Freshmen

15.6%: Of Undergraduates are First-Generation College Students


81: Graduate Certificates Awarded

168: Doctoral Degrees Awarded

39: Fulbright Fellows since 2008

36: New Faculty Hires

31: National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows

16: of USC’s valedictorians since 1992 majored in USC Dornsife

21%: of Undergraduates are Under-represented Students of Color