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USC Dornsife Publications

USC Dornsife Magazine

USC Dornsife Magazine is a semi-annual publication prepared by the Office of Communication. The magazine is a storybook of amazing news features, event coverage, selected achievements, faculty publications, and alumni class notes. Read the current issue and view the past issues.

Spring-Summer 2016 Highlights:

The Transgender Moment?
Defying the Labels
Molecular You
The Craftsman
Personal Net Worth

Dornsife Connect E-newsletters

Dornsife Connect is a newsletter produced by USC Dornsife Communication and e-mailed to students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the community on a bi-weekly basis. Content includes news, special features, media highlights, events, grant announcements, awards and more. A second newsletter focused on the latest events around USC Dornsife, Dornsife Events, is sent weekly. Sign up for USC Dornsife e-news.

Frontline Scholars: The USC Dornsife Initiative

The USC Dornsife Initiative’s $750 million goal is part of The Campaign for the University of Southern California, a multi-year effort to secure $6 billion to support the university's endowment. This case statement encourages supporters to join USC Dornsife’s students and faculty at the frontlines as we define scholarship of consequence for the 21st century. Read the brochure.

The USC Dornsife Quickview

The annual USC Dornsife Quickview brochure provides an introductory overview to USC Dornsife as well as interesting facts and figures from each academic year. Read the brochure.

We Are USC Dornsife

This brochure chronicles USC Dornsife's place at the heart of the University of Southern California. The largest, oldest and most diverse of USC's 19 schools, the College of Liberal Arts was founded along with the university in 1880 and has been known through the years as LAS, USC College, and in 2011 embraced a new name: the USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Read the brochure.

The USC Dornsife 100

We have one professor so dedicated to his field that he walks across hot coals to demonstrate the basic principles of physics. In 1918, President Lincoln's childhood friend, Amy Winship, attended USC Dornsife at age 87 and was affectionately nicknamed "the world's oldest co-ed." In this publication, you will find an eclectic collection of 100 fascinating, historic and some behind-the-scene facts that show the spirit behind: "We are USC Dornsife." Read the brochure.

The Bridge@USC Brochure

The Bridge@USC, housed in USC Dornsife, unites the university’s best minds in chemistry, biology, medicine, mathematics, physics, engineering, and nanosciences — as well as experts in such areas as animation and cinematography. The institute’s mission is to build the first virtual model of the human body at the atomic scale that can be used to test possible cures and treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions. Read the brochure.

The USC Wrigley Institute Brochure

The USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, housed within USC Dornsife, is the university's hub for environmental research, education and outreach. Founded in 1995, the institute remains devoted to an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to improving our understanding of how the world is changing and to finding ways to use natural resources more wisely. Read the brochure and watch the video.

The Korean Studies Institute Brochure

The Korean Studies Institute, housed with the USC Dornsife, has forged a visible and impactful voice on current affairs by positioning itself as one of the only institutes concentrating on contemporary issues of business, politics and culture rather than solely focusing on Korean history and culture. Founded in 1995, the institute aims to be a world leader in explaining Korea to the world. Read the brochure.