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Augmented Reality Debuts

The USC Dornsife Magazine has become interactive. Readers of the print magazine can now quickly and easily access videos, slideshows, music and more with a wave of their mobile devices.


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Interact with USC Dornsife Magazine

USC Dornsife Magazine returns with extended augmented reality features. Watch a short video to see how to download the free USC Dornsife AR app to view videos, slideshows and music.

The Fall 2012/Winter 2013 edition of the USC Dornsife Magazine hits mailboxes this week. While reading stories, you can now view videos, listen to music, watch slideshows — you’ll even find a recipe.


Flip through the pages and you’ll notice a trail of cardinal-colored buttons inviting you to “Scan for Extras.” Unlock these special features by downloading the new, free USC Dornsife Augmented Reality (AR) App on to your mobile phone and other devices.

With AR technology the real world meets the virtual world — your field of vision is literally augmented by computer-generated sounds and images. In this case, hold your mobile device over a page with a "Scan for Extras" cardinal button and multimedia elements seem to pop off of the page. We think your love affair with the printed page will only deepen with these extra interactive options.

USC Dornsife is one of the world’s first educational institutions to implement an augmented reality app, which was produced in collaboration with Metaio, a global leader in augmented reality technology. USC Dornsife Magazine joins major publications including The Atlantic Monthly, Time and Esquire in offering additional sensory elements to enhance your reading experience.


Hold your mobile phone or another handheld computing device eight to 12 inches over a page with a “Scan for Extras” cardinal-colored button and multimedia elements will appear on your screen.

Grab your mobile device and get started by:

  1. Downloading the USC Dornsife AR (Augmented Reality) Application on your smartphone or tablet via your mobile app store. The free application is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad).
  2. Looking for the “Scan for Extras” button throughout the magazine to spot which pages have more elements to discover.
  3. Opening the USC Dornsife AR App on your handheld device and holding it eight to 12 inches from the page. Enjoy the videos, slideshows and music that appear on your device’s screen.

Didn’t receive a copy of USC Dornsife Magazine? Pick up a printed, interactive copy on University Park campus at the USC Dornsife Office of Advising, located at the College Academic Services Building (CAS) 120 and USC Dornsife Admission at CAS 100.

For those without a mobile device, videos are also available on The Fall 2012/Winter 2013 issue of USC Dornsife Magazine is now available online.