big reasons to experience
USC Dornsife as a graduate student

  • Reason 1: Faculty

    Graduate students work in an exciting scholarly environment with outstanding faculty who make an important impact on traditional disciplines, emerging fields, the community and the world.

  • Reason 2: Diversity

    USC offers a diverse and dynamic academic and social environment, and boasts the highest number of international students enrolled at any university in the U.S.

  • Reason 3: Funding Opportunities

    Generous fellowships are available to students pursuing Ph.D.degrees. Fellows work closely with their professors and mentors, combining advanced study with research and teaching.

  • Reason 4: Research

    Graduate students and their professors lead ground-breaking research in traditional and interdisciplinary fields through well-funded laboratories, research institutes and centers.

  • Reason 5: Professionalization

    Graduate students receive ongoing guidance and funding for professional development and career preparation.

  • Reason 6: Placement

    The numerous strategic resources available to Ph.D. students position them to secure top jobs in the academe, and in public and private sectors.


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Welcome to the USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and the Office of Graduate Programs. We are dedicated to helping graduate students launch their careers and ensuring that they utilize USC Dornsife’s vast resources.

USC Dornsife offers more than a standard graduate school experience by taking students to a higher level of science and scholarship, and a brighter, more fulfilling future. Explore graduate studies at USC Dornsife. 

What is unique about graduate study in USC Dornsife?

  • Small, high-quality programs that foster close intellectual partnerships between students and some of the world's most distinguished faculty
  • An extraordinary and diverse graduate student community
  • Interdisciplinary training opportunities in emergent fields
  • A strong sense of worldly engagement
  • A rich array of professional development services for graduate students
  • Financial support and health benefits needed to make life in Southern California not only possible, but more enjoyable
  • Location, location, location - in a coastal, global center, unsurpassed for its economic dynamism, cultural mix, and natural landscapes

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