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USC Dornsife has alumni throughout the nation and around the globe, with particularly large concentrations in Southern California. These graduates serve as ambassadors for USC Dornsife and the university, and help support programs critical to the success of USC Dornsife.

At present, all USC Dornsife alumni whose addresses are on file with the university are sent the USC Dornsife Magazine, published two times a year and available online. We invite alumni who wish to receive the magazine and other communications from USC Dornsife to contact us and discover today's college.

Send magazine requests, address changes and your alumni news to:

USC Dornsife Magazine

Citigroup Center 8206, 41st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90089-8206



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Film Director: Taylor Hackford

Taylor Hackford, director of films such as An Officer and a Gentleman and Ray, graduated from USC with a bachelor's degree in international relations.

Video by Mira Zimet

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